Steven Herbert Projects

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We at Steven Herbert Projects are busy developing a number of websites but our focus is definitely on Sprinkl.World. This website represents a whole new concept in the world of social media.

Here is a summary of the projects we are working on.

A new kind of social media site is a social networking site with a positive nature. It is a platform for people to send messages of good will and motivation to other people around the world. Unlike other social networking sites Sprinkl allows you to remain anonymous and you do not know who your messages are being sent, nor the identity of the user who sent the messages you receive. All that you can see is their user id and where they come from. Users are encouraged to pass on messages that they have received so that others can share and enjoy them.
A pictorial tour of South Africa BlueGnu is a comprehensive site with tons of information about South Africa. In fact it has over 1,100 pages, including hundreds of cities, towns and smaller settlements, and is being added to on a regular basis. It is been in existence for a number of years and gets a few thousand visits a month
South Africa, plain and simple Shore2Shore is a new site that is aimed in providing visitors with a list of places to stay, eat or be entertained in a particular city or town.